About one year ago I attended the basic DSLR course run by Julius and David. Everything to get me started was covered over two nights. The thing that I most appreciated was the way they gave everyone personal attention and nobody felt silly asking questions. I recently attended their fireworks workshop which also included light painting. Once again, everything was explained and we were given plenty of personal attention. The first night was in the studio and professionally carried out making it easy to understand and also lots of fun. The second part was on location in South Perth. Julius went early and set up in the best position. We were once again given friendly and personal attention and we got some great fireworks photos. I'm looking forward to taking many more workshops with Julius and David now that I have more free time. I have attended various other workshops but none have ever given the personal attention of these guys. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to get the results they want from their camera!
~Yvonne W.
I recently had the pleasure of taking the workshop on fireworks photography. Julius and David were very well organised and professional, providing a fun and informative course which allowed me to take beautiful fireworks photos. They each took the time to go over my camera with me and made sure I was familiar with the different settings, patiently explaining their purpose. There were also practice exercises in light painting and timing fireworks, without which I never would have been able to take such perfectly timed shots. I recommend both sessions because also having Julius at the fireworks show offering advice made a big difference and gave me the confidence to try more challenging things like the 'baseball hat' technique. This course is well worth taking. I appreciated the personalised service and learnt a lot of very useful information that I was able to put into practice.
~Helen R.
Very good instructor, will recommend to all my friends to join, your class!!!
~Amit S.
Very useful. New topics was explained in simple terms with time to use in practice. There was also a lot of guidance offered.
~Rossa R.
Awesome course, great teacher and helped me feel confident in learning.
~Wendy J.
Solid coverage of basics at a pace that was able to be followed; especially liked the hands- on experimenting as it helped cement concepts; less formal class environment was ideal, encouraged interaction and questioning.
~Jacinda B.
Very good!! i learnt a lot. The best part was making us take photos using the principles you taught. That way you actually understand. A lot of the courses don’t do that and you don’t really learn.
~Emma V.
Really good. Enjoyed the course, Practical examples and concise explanations.
~Chris R.
Gained a lot of knowledge in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Clear examples of how to achieve certain effects. Great!
~Gill K.
Overall - excellent, instructor is very knowledgeable & patient and explained everything very well. I feel so much more confident using the camera and taking pro shots!
~M. Walsh
Enjoyed learning about my camera, very hands on and personalised to my needs, very good instructors.
~Rachel L.
Good class size and many opportunities to ask questions and get help with different aspects of the course. Good use of Powerpoint to illustrate eash aspect. Great teacher and assistant.
~Amanda B.
Very informative! I now know the cause of alot of my frustrations - I feel genuinely enlightened!
~Tana P.

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