104B Murray St, Perth.
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From Miss Maud and Pizza Hut, there is an alleyway directly opposite. Go down the alleyway, the CBD Health Spa is to your left, and the CPP Pier St Carpark is on your right.

Keep going down the alleyway until you see a big green building with a black door on your left. Congratulations you have reached 104B Murray St!


A DSLR camera is not required but highly recommended because of the level of control over various camera settings that it allows. For the Intro and Intermediate courses you will need a camera that allows you to control the Shutter speed and Aperture independently. Typically these are shooting modes labelled S (for Shutter Priority) and A (Aperture Priority) on your camera.

Ideally, you would have a camera that has P (Program), S (Shutter Priority), A (Aperture Priority), and M (Manual) modes. Basic digicams are unlikely to have all these modes, but if you are unsure please get in touch with us and we can advise you.

We deal with this on a case by case basis so if you think you can jump straight into the Intermediate course please get in touch with us and we can assess your ability. Our Intro course is unique compared to many others on the market because of the information we present and how we teach the various concepts.

We have had many students come through who were already familiar with their camera but still learnt many new things in the Intro course, then subsequently continued onto our Intermediate course.


Yes, we are able to process credit card payments using Paypal.


We recommend our students purchase either Nikon or Canon DSLRs as they have the widest range of camera bodies and lenses out of all the camera makers. We use Nikon in all our professional work but have also used Canon at various times.

That said, camera buying is also a personal choice so if you find another make/model suits you better compared to the Nikon and Canon offerings then great for you!

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