Intro to Studio Photography

Have you ever wondered how commercial photos are so clear, sharp and attractive?

Believe it or not…most professional images you see are created by DSLR cameras that any consumer can purchase on the market.

The fact is, if you have a DSLR camera you can get very similar if not exact results. All you need to know is how to set up lights to allow your camera to achieve these results.

At Perth Photography Course, we can show you how you get started taking amazing photos with simple lighting set ups in our Intro to Studio Photography classes. Use this knowledge to create your own quality photo art pieces! Don’t waste the potential of what your camera can do for you!!

Classes are run by experienced Commercial / Advertising Photographers & Instructors at Perth City’s largest commercial photography studio on Murray Street.
Checkout our gallery for images that were created by earlier entry level DSLR cameras!


* studio setting
* studio equipment
* pros and cons
* studio setups
* usage of studio equipment
* using SLR cameras in the studio
* basic settings and configuration
* shooting in a studio
* how to set up your own home studio
* practical usage of studio photography

* DSLR camera
* Some familiarity with manual mode and metering

Class size is limited to 10 students
3 hour session in studio, Theory & Practical.

Next Class is on Wednesday, 6th February 2013 

Course on special for $150 only !!! 
(normal RRP is $280)

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Very useful. New topics was explained in simple terms with time to use in practice. There was also a lot of guidance offered.
~Rossa R.

Awesome course, great teacher and helped me feel confident in learning.
~Wendy J.

Good class size and many opportunities to ask questions and get help with different aspects of the course. Good use of Powerpoint to illustrate eash aspect. Great teacher and assistant.
~Amanda B.

Overall – excellent, instructor is very knowledgeable & patient and explained everything very well. I feel so much more confident using the camera and taking pro shots!
~M. Walsh

Really good. Enjoyed the course, Practical examples and concise explanations.
~Chris R.

Solid coverage of basics at a pace that was able to be followed; especially liked the hands- on experimenting as it helped cement concepts; less formal class environment was ideal, encouraged interaction and questioning.
~Jacinda B.

Enjoyed learning about my camera, very hands on and personalised to my needs, very good instructors.
~Rachel L.

Very good!! i learnt a lot. The best part was making us take photos using the principles you taught. That way you actually understand. A lot of the courses don’t do that and you don’t really learn.
~Emma V.

Very informative! I now know the cause of alot of my frustrations – I feel genuinely enlightened!
~Tana P.

Gained a lot of knowledge in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Clear examples of how to achieve certain effects. Great!
~Gill K.

Very good instructor, will recommend to all my friends to join, your class!!!
~Amit S.

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